Winter Music Conference uses email marketing blasts as part of their strategy to keep their followers informed and up to date with the latest deals. I design many eblasts to promote different areas of WMC. For example, The List is the official guide to events in and around WMC week. I am responsible for the development of the eblast, slicing it and coding it.

First step, I gain inspiration from the music industry, DJ’s and Miami Beach. Then, I work on my ideas on paper to get an overall feel of how the design will look. Once that is complete I use Photoshop or illustrator to lay everything out and ready to slice. The last part of this process is to slice the art to be coded in Dreamweaver to function as part of the email marketing blast.

Winter Music Conference has thousands of email subscribers. Therefore, it is important to have a great direct marketing strategy that goes hand on hand with great design. My job has been successful by facilitating the communication between WMC and its followers.