Real Estate Logo for Brandon Ramdin - Personal Branding
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Logo for Manufacturing company - Miami, Florida
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Personal REBRAND - evolution of AS DSIGNZ logo and branding
AS DSIGNZ / Alberto Silva logo evolution - Growing up
AS DSIGNZ used to be my personal branding for so many years. It specialized in Graphic Design Services. My main clients were Winter Music Conference and Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation. These experiences allowed me to grow and expand my knowledge. I am very proud to say that a year after my graduation I decided to take a big leap and establish my Limited Liability Company. AS DSIGNZ will now provide you with divergent creative solutions. We specialize in branding, social media, graphic design and much more.
My past logo were part of school assignments. I had certain requirements to fulfilled in my bachelors program. As many designers I struggled with my personal branding. It took me months of ideas and sketches to get my logo where it is today My 2018 Rebrand gets rid of all bold elements. It is simple. The Arrow or "A" is now inviting the viewer to move forward just as WE do with a subtle gradient that resembles my latest projects
AS DSIGNZ gif created to symbolize movement
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