Miami Art Mob is an art gallery located in the historic Burdines/Macy's building (Downtown Miami). They opened their doors during Art Basel Week 2019. They aim to promote local, national, and international artists.
When they approach me to work on their brand, they had an idea already of how they wanted their logo to look (image below - the first one on the left). However, They changed their name to the Miami Art Mob instead of what they originally had. My first job was to play with the elements around to find the right placement for their new name.

"Miami Art Mob aims to promote emerging 
and mid career artists around the world. 
It serves as a springboard to international success. 
We provide to such individuals a conscious agent 
and meticulous work."

(Above) Flyers created to promote the event

Graphics created to promote some of the artists (above)

Video created in Adobe Rush to promote the gallery.

Thank you for checking out this whole project!

You can find Miami Art Mob on IG: @miamiartmob 

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