I created my @as.dsignz account in July of 2017 as a free spirit side of my design work. It is my Creative Therapy with the simple task of experimenting with motion, color and juxtaposition of different images. In 2018, my goal was to create somehow minimal graphics with lots of white space. I tried to play with gradients, subject, composition in motion. 

Started playing with Colors and Expression of some kind of model or muse

Always keeping up with the Pantone Color of the year 2018

Trendy feet at the edge of...

After graduating from school back in June 2017, I got my first full-time job. I had been working on my field for a while as an independent contractor and part-time gigs. The corporate world was so new to me with so many rules and heavy styleguides to follow. In my boss words "there is no much room for creativity, so I highly suggest you find an outlet for all this crazy ideas of yours." So, I did. While I was working on my bachelors I wanted to experiment with many different mediums and softwares.

Surf's UP?




This was my last graphic in this "theme". It took me a while but I really enjoyed getting this one together.

I love how shapes and color can play freely through the vast white space. I try to somehow incorporate a character to tell give some kind of story... a message maybe. This is... my Creative Therapy

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